Yoga For Beginners


Yoga For Beginners

If you're new to yoga and are looking for the first step to start your journey, you're in the right place and good for you! Floral City Yoga offers a variety of classes for those new to yoga. These classes are perfect for those with certain physical limitations or just getting into fitness. 

If this sounds like you, the following classes would be perfect for dipping your toe into the pool, so to speak.


Yin Stretch




Slow Flow 

These classes represent a large part of our schedule, so hopefully you'll find one of the above classes at a convenient time for you. More full descriptions of these classes can be seen here along with our class schedule.

If you're able to print from your computer, please complete this waiver and bring it with you. If not, you can complete in studio when you arrive. Until then, we look forward to seeing you!