Floral City Yoga Center

Class Schedule

Schedule is being regularly updated as instructors and classes are added. Instructor substitutions are possible. See below schedule for full class descriptions.  Please arrive ten minutes before class for check-in. If you'd like to save time, please print and complete waiver to bring with you (unless we have one for you on file). Classes are approximately one hour unless otherwise designated.

Download a PDF of the complete Class Schedule

FCYC March 2019 Class Schedule (pdf)


FCYC April 2019 Class Schedule (pdf)



Slow Flow

Designed for those who are new to yoga, this class demonstrates fundamental yoga postures with emphasis on  alignment,  breath and body awareness. Level 1.

Gentle Flow

This class builds on fundamental postures while guiding gentle movement with breath. Emphasis on combining breath with movement and presence. Level 1 and 2.


Also known as Vinyasa, this class offers more advanced postures combined with mid to fast paced sequencing. Expect to sweat and increase your heart rate. Level 2 and 3.

Yin Stretch

A slow paced style of yoga that targets deep connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments, aiming to increase circulation of joints and flexibiity. Expect to lengthen, release and relax. All levels.

Chair Yoga

A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. Fundamental postures are modified to make yoga accessible for anyone who may have physical limitations. Emphasis on postures and breath. All levels.


 Utilizes stillness and minimal gentle movement to hold supportive postures while focusing on breath. Props with gentle compression, traction and therapeutic adjustments make restorative a favorite. Expect to melt. All levels.



Transformational Yoga is a combination of several traditional yogas designed to help release tensions and toxins from the heart, mind and physical body.  A fantastic way to start your day or a perfect way to let go of the days accumulated stresses. All levels.

Hatha Flow

Movement based class that peaks with postures that build balance and strength. Emphasis on alignment and proper movement. Culminates in a calming and grounded experience. Levels 2 and 3.



Movement synchronizes with breath thus creating an internal heat which helps to purify the body and cleanse internal organs. This session will focus on safe movement with lots of options to modify all poses to help honor exactly what your body needs. Levels 2 and 3.


Movement based class intended to build strength/balance by targeting major muscle groups while holding postures. Advanced sequencing builds heat. Expect to sweat. Levels 3 and 4.