Taylor Ardston

Taylor Ardston, Owner of Floral City Yoga Center


A founder of Floral City Yoga Center, Taylor received her 200 hour teaching certification at Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville NC and comes to Floral City from Athens, Ga. Recovering from multiple running injuries and having hit an emotional bottom, Taylor was drawn to yoga watching her 5 year old daughter practice with DVD’s she had checked out from the library. Piqued curiosity and interest led her to a community studio where she developed a daily practice and quickly began noticing changes in her perception and experience of the world. Taylor soon embarked on yoga teacher training to deepen her understanding of what these changes were about. 

Through her own life experience, Taylor well knows the poverty of spirit and struggles that surround addiction and dysfunctional family systems. She credits yoga for the integration and healing of her own trauma and is passionate about sharing this with others. Understanding that yoga “meets us where we are, how we are,” she strives to help others embark on this journey of self discovery and wellness in the hope that we may all have this grace for ourselves, completely owning, accepting and befriending ourselves, exactly as we are.

Taylor combines dynamic and fluid sequencing with incredible playlists and lightheartedness to deliver fun and impactful classes. She highly values service to others, is a Rotarian and has a huge heart for the unhoused and underprivileged, who are all around us. With 2 beautiful daughters and a devoted husband, Taylor enjoys a “rich and satisfying” life today. She is currently enrolled in Phoenix Rising’s 900 hour IAYT approved, Yoga Therapy program and looks forward to completion in 2019. 

Personal Statement:

“It is my objective and privilege to help others tap into their truth and become empowered in their own right, through actively practicing the limbs of yoga. I truly hope to bring goodness and light to my family and community. Together, we rise."

Diana Mackey (aka Kitty)

Diana Mackey, Instructor at Floral City Yoga Center


Diana Mackey,  lovingly known as “Kitty,” received her 200 HR Yoga teacher training with Brett Larkin, founder of Uplifted Yoga.  Raised in a small Ohio Valley town, Kitty remembers frequently experiencing anxiety, fear and insecurity from the toxicity of an alcoholic family system. At the age of 16,  she discovered her first kundalini yoga class . After class, she sat trying to comprehend what had just happened . It felt as though every cell in her body was pulsating, as an unfamiliar calm washed over her entire being. What Kitty knows today, is that she experienced the power of yoga and the wisdom of her body, with that one class changing the trajectory of her life.

Kitty is passionate about recovery and the lifeline that yoga provided during years of struggling with severe depression and anxiety. She deeply understands the pain that coincides with mental illness, but  also the healing that yoga compels. Having overcome deep depression, suicidal ideations and panic disorder with a dedicated practice, she became so strong that she was able to help her husband recover from an almost deadly motorcycle accident, through a year and a half of surgeries, physical therapy and treatments. 

Today, Kitty enjoys what she calls a “charmed” life. With a daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling, Kitty is ecstatic to report: “knock on wood  its been 6 years since my last panic attack and to me that’s huge! I am in different place these days.“

Personal Statement:

“My hope as a teacher, friend and member of this community, is to hold space for us all to be ourselves.  I hope to give classes that are gentle and accessible to everyone who attends. I hope to open up a direct dialogue with my students, friends and community about how important it is to speak your truth. Truth is liberating. I love people and look forward to making a connection with each and every one of you.“

Amber Lanier

Amber Lanier - Floral City Yoga instructor


Amber Lanier is a wife, mom of two and certified 200 HR Vinyasa yoga teacher who is passionate about empowering women to awaken and rise through holistic health, yoga, meditation, and community!!

She’s built a large online community by adding free value online to the tens of thousands of women who follow her work, while mentoring hundreds of women about holistic health. She became a yoga teacher to deepen her own spiritual practice, and to spread the awareness of living yoga on and off the mat. 

Rebecca Ferraro


Rebecca Ferraro earned her RYT 200 from the Kula Kamala Foundation and Yoga Ashram. An experience she had at a Yoga of Sound workshop caused a shift in the relationship she had with herself and her own personal practice. She fully supports the mission of the center and is thrilled to have the opportunity to join you on your journey through the gift that is yoga. 

Sarah Trinler



 Australian native Sarah Trinler received her first 200hr yoga teacher training From Native Yoga in 2007. 

Shortly after that she began teaching yoga in Jungles of Southern Costa Rica. Along 

her tropical spiritual Journey she was introduced to the art of Reiki. She befriended a Reiki Master and became a certified Reiki master herself.

If you’re not familiar with Reiki it is a 

healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. 

In 2010 she decided to expand her knowledge of yoga and traveled to India where she became a 500hr Yoga Alliance International certified Teacher 

Trainer in Transformational Yoga, a Hatha based sequence of pranayama, mantra and asana. 

Her time in India taught her how important yoga off the mat really is, applying an active meditative mind to her daily tasks, which at first was challenging but was absolutely life 

changing. Sarah returned to Costa Rica where she started her own Yoga Studio and a family.

In 2011 Sarah became a mum to a beautiful healthy baby boy. Motherhood was a great joy to her but was also one of her greatest challenges as she struggled with postpartum depression. She never gave up on her yoga and mediation practice - though the road to recovery was long. With loving support from her family and friends she found peace and balance again. 

In 2013 the toughest challenge of all arrived in the form of her husband losing his right leg in a near death motorcycle accident. They say you never know how strong you can be until you have to rise to the occasion. Once again all the tools she had learned over the years would become invaluable.

In 2014 the Trinler’s decided to move to St Petersburg, Florida where she began teaching at a few local studios and led donation based classes in parks. Recently the opportunity presented itself to move to what Sarah describes as a true gem of the Sunshine State - Inverness, Citrus County. 

“I am truly grateful to Floral City Yoga Center’s owner Taylor and her kind  teachers and students for creating a space that feels inviting and safe. Before I began sharing yoga at FCYC I attended classes as a student and was welcomed with genuine smiles and encouragement- what a gorgeous community that gathers in the studio every day. I look forward to growing with this community.”